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Keepsake Recipe Wall Project

Colonial Wallcoverings Keepsake Recipe Wall is a new project to turn crowdsourced family recipes into a one-of-a-kind wallpaper.

One hot summer day, owner Paul got hungry for new wallpaper designs. He got to thinking about old family recipes that are too easy to lose, or worse, never written down. He thought, why not put them on a wall? We couldn't think of a reason not to. And just like that, the Keepsake Recipe Wall Project was born.  

We need your help 

We're always looking for opportunities to engage the community (and beef up our recipe collection), so we're putting out a call for family recipes to be included in the design

  • Send a high quality digital image file of a *handwritten* family recipe to colonialwallcoverings@gmail.com.

    • Make sure to tell us your name, and feel free to share a story behind the recipe!​

  • It can be any recipe, so long as it evokes tasty memories.

  • Submissions due by October 1

  • We'll design and produce the wallpaper. If your recipe is included in the final design, you'll receive a free sample of the wallpaper, and discount on any roll purchase.

Spices in Jars_edited.jpg