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 New Arrivals 


Summer 2024

Senza Tempo II by Fornasetti for Cole & Son

The enduring whimsical magic of Fornasetti meets iconic style from the Cole & Son design house in a collection that celebrates curious creatures and everyday fun.  

Reflect 1 and 2 by Harlequin

Innovative textures elevate the artistic influences of organic tones and earth-inspired lines in two new impressive collections from Harlequin.  


Spring 2024

Good & Craft Design

Stunning designs from this British wallpaper collection draw inspiration from a deep appreciation for  biodiversity and beauty of our planet. Uncompromising quality and unparalleled imagination make this collection a must see. 

Vol 3 from Långelid von Brömssen

One of our Swedish favorites is out with with a beautiful new collection of thoughtfully crafted, nature-inspired patterns, some of which are charmingly retro.

Tidlösa from Sandberg

The iconic Swedish wallpaper house revisits some of their old favorites and creates some new classics in their latest collection.

Breegan Jane Collection for Clarke & Clarke

An eclectic mix of designs capturing energy from inspired scenes around the world

Don't just browse online - call or email us to book an appointment, and let us help make your dream room a reality!  


Fall/Winter 2023

Møns Klint by Sandberg

The new collection from Sandberg takes inspiration from the Danish UNESCO Heritage Site, Møns Klint. Designs use light brushstrokes to conjure the island's botanical landscape, producing an exotic, dreamy portrayal of Nordic natural landscapes. 

William Morris Designs by Clarke & Clarke

Clarke & Clarke celebrate the lasting legacy of William Morris by refreshing select designs with reduced scales and additional colorways. 


Patterns from FAYCE artfully use subtle lines and simple style to create big impact.

Magic Garden by Les Dominotiers

This eclectic and poetic collection is an ode to garden creatures, with animal and plant patterns inspired by myths and legends. Founded in 2014, Les Dominotiers, is one of the leading French names in wallcovering design. In addition to the Magic Garden collection, they offer more than 200 custom-made panoramic wall murals.


Summer 2023

Lonesome Pictopia

Patterns from the Portland, OR based design collective are rooted in American tattooing, the wild spaces of the Pacific Northwest, and the belief that all work should be a force for good. Their deeply designed wallpapers are traditionally printed in the UK by a sustainable manufacturer, and wallpaper sales support their mission of giving back to the community through partnerships with nonprofits working to fight housing insecurity in Portland and beyond, and of creating meaningful jobs for women in the arts.

Wallpaper Republic for Milton & King

The Wallpaper Republic Collection showcases the work of a unique community of artists, illustrators, designers and photographers from around the world with patterns that challenge the traditions of wallpaper with breathtaking and bright results. Milton & King also bring a huge array of other collections that offers something for everyone.

Le Village Collection from Sandberg

The new collection from Sandberg is a love story between Sweden and France, creating fresh new beauty that retains the signature beauty of Sandberg.  


Spring 2023

Londubh Studio

Londubh (Lon-Dove, rhymes with love) Studio's stunning, meticulously crafted designs are an unapologetic love letter to maximalism and glam. Their remarkable geometric patterns are printed on exquisite gold leaf paper that makes your walls dance in light, giving new meaning to our usual advice to see the designs in person to appreciate their full beauty. 

Emery Walker Collection for Morris & Co

Four brand-new patterns and six re-introduced William Morris designs produced in collaboration with Emery Walker’s House.